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Frequently Asked Questions







How long does it take to get my hair done?


1-2 hours for bonded weaves. 2-4 hours for sew in weaves. (this includes cutting and styling) 


Do you only work with African American hair textures?


No, we work with all hair textures, Straight, Curly, Silky, Wavy etc.

I do not have a relaxer, can I still get a weave?


Yes, you do not have to have a perm /relaxer to have a weave.

Should I oil or moisturize my hair and scalp under my weave?



I just had a relaxer/perm can I still get a weave?


You can still get a weave but you have to wait 1-2 weeks after you get your relaxer if you intend to get a sew in. If you want a bonded weave there is no wait time.



Should I wash my hair prior to my appointment?


You can and it will save time on the overall process but it is not necessary. If you do wash please do not oil your scalp prior to your appointment.

How many packs of hair do I need?


You will need 2 pack of hair for a partial weave, and 2- 4 packs of hair for a full weave depending on desired style.


How long does my hair need to be to get a weave?


Your hair needs to be at least 2 inches long for a sew-in weave. The length of your hair does not matter if you are getting a bonded weave.


Can I shampoo my weave?


Yes, you may shampoo your weave every two weeks, or as needed.



Can I transition from a relaxer to natural hair with a weave?


Yes, as you do not need to have a relaxer to have a weave.

How long can I leave my weave in?


2-4 months. The max is 4 months, if you have a full weave, the weave may still look good, but your hair underneath is the main concern. Matting, tangling, and dreading (which leads to hair loss) may be a result if you leave your weave in too long.


How much do you charge for weaves?


Click here for price list. 

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