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Trial Runs Explained

I have worked with a lot of brides and every one of my brides share the same concern. A bride wants to look drop dead gorgeous on their wedding day. It is highly recommended that brides budget for hair and makeup services as they would for venues, the perfect dress or table settings.

There are a few things you should know about trial runs and I’m going to get you right up to speed.

Trial runs can be costly and sometimes may cost just as much as your wedding day styling. Some hair and makeup artist may comp your trial run if you have already booked them and paid in advance. Some may charge a reduced rate. However, you will be getting the full hair and makeup experience so it is not unusual to pay full price for hair and makeup trial runs.

Brides go back and forth asking themselves “Do I need a trial run?” I am here to tell you. Yes! You absolutely need a trial run. The purpose of the trial run is to go though a few hairstyles and makeup looks to make sure you look your very best on your wedding day. There won’t be any surprises or disappointments. What you thought you wanted based on a photo may not be flattering or look exactly the same on you as it does on the person in the photo. You don’t want those kind of problems on your wedding day.

Let’s discuss hair. If you want to wear a crown, tiara, headband, clip-ins, extensions etc. make sure you bring those or have it ready the day of your trial. I do this every single week so I bring lots of hairpieces and accessories because I collect these things as I do my normal shopping. However, every hairstylist is not the same and you should be prepared and have everything you think you will need for your hair the day of your trial. I had a bride who brought a huge crown and wanted a princess updo and when we got ready to put on the crown, it took up her entire head and her pretty updo was lost behind all the sparkle. We switched it out to cute sparkly headband instead. Actually, I suggest you buy a few different types of hair accessories to see which one looks the most flattering during your trial.

Makeup is fairly simple and easy to change. If you don’t like it don’t fret, it washes off. Now, is a good time to try a smokey eye, or that bold red lip. Most makeup artist will have a huge variety of makeup to choose from. If you have any allergies or sensitive skin make sure you tell the makeup artist because they may have special makeup to accommodate you and prevent any major skin issues. If you spray tan, you should be tanned the day of your trial as you would the day of your wedding. Also, don’t forget to have your facial hair removed. In most cases the makeup artist can arch your eyebrows, but that is something you may want to ask them about before hand. A hairless face ensures a smooth flawless makeup application.

Another question I get asked all the time is “Why is the bride's hair and makeup more expensive than the bridesmaids?” The bride is the main attraction at every wedding. More time and intricate attention to detail is paid to the bride. Bridal makeup is meant to last all day and it is more work than it is to do regular everyday makeup. The makeup artist is at the beck and call of the bride to tweak and make adjustments before the bride walks down the aisle. Also, cost may depend on the products the makeup artist uses. If your makeup artist spent $250 on a RCMA foundation palette or $500 on a airbrush compressor to give you the best face you ever had, a fraction of that may factor in the price. Besides, the most requested makeup look for weddings is airbrush and good airbrush makeup is not cheap. I am not saying the bride should pay for a full airbrush kit. That's rediculous. I am just bringing awareness to the fact that a makeup artist may use $2500 worth of product on your face and only charge you $150.

As a final note, the length of time it takes during the trial to complete your hair and makeup is about the same amount of time it is going to take during the day of your wedding. Most trials for hair and makeup are about two and a half hours. Taking into consideration changes and minor tweaks. Some people may think trial runs are optional, but those are the people who live their life on the edge. To do a trial run or not to do is up to you. If you have a relationship with the artist and know their work is exceptional then use your best judgement on if a trial run is for you.

Stay Pretty!


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