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Bridal Photo shoot

Bridal Photoshoot.

In August a group of artist got together and put together this bridal photo-shoot. The shoot was so hard to put together. We were turned down for shooting locations, or the location we wanted was booked. We ended up shooting at Hooks Private Airport in North Houston. It took us about two months to put the shoot together.

The first issue, We reached out to hundreds of bridal shops, bridal gown designers, and stylist to see of someone would let us borrow their sample size dresses. These are dresses that have already been tired on by hundreds of brides anyway. So, asking to do this for a photo-shoot wasn’t a far stretch. So we thought. We ended up getting a few dresses donated from brides, and I purchased a few dresses from Alibaba. Then we had to wait on the dresses I order because they were coming from China and it took a month to get to the US. The dresses were $50. In the US these dresses retail for $800-1500. Waiting a month and only spending a fraction of the cost is just economics. We waited and the dresses trickled in.

We were ready to shoot. @meganmartisty found someone willing to rent out their hanger to us and use it to shoot. That’s exactly what we did. Day before the shoot, we had two models cancel on us. So, now we are scrambling to find model the day of the shoot at 6 am in the morning. If anything else could go wrong…

We get to the Hanger and there is no AC, There were fans and a dirty trailer and the floor is wet. It had

rained the night before. It also rained during the entire shoot. Maybe, we weren’t supposed to have a bridal shoot. However, we pushed though the rain, and the heat. Our photographer @Steviedphotos almost died from a heat stroke. Everything was somewhat falling apart and everyone was starting to get irritated.

Managing not to kill each other we were able to get these pretty amazing shots. For what it’s worth with all the obstacles. I’d do it over again.

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