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Weave & Extension Services 


We strive to install your hair the healtiest way possible. The methods below are a few of the popular installation mathods we provide.  Please view our FAQ's and Price List for additional information about out weave and extension services. 

Traditional Sew-in


Hair is braided to create a base for sewing. A little hair is left out at the top for blending the hair to achieve a more natural look. 

Full Weave Sew-in


No hair is left out at all. A closure may be used to close the weave in some styles.


Net Weave Sew-in


A net is used to protect the natural hair, and releases the tension from the braids since the hair is sewn onto the net. (Recommended for clients with extreme hair loss)



Hair bonding glue is used in this method. Weave can be integrated throughout the hair to achieve length and fullness. This method is also used for quick weaves.  The natural hair can be braided or wrapped and fully protected from the glue for longer lasting bonded weave. (Ask about alternative bonding methods with requesting this style)

Malaysian Sew-in


A thread is used to create a base for sewing on the tracks to create a ultra flat weave. 


Microband/ Microbead Weave


Similar to the Malaysian microbands or beads are used to create a base to sew on the track. The bands allow for a very flat laying weave. The same microbeads are used to create the strand by strang method. This method is recommended for clients who wash their hair everyday with silky or straight hair.


Lace Frontals


Lace Frontals are used to create a natural look as if the hair is growing out of your scalp. Also known as invisible hair systems or Celebrity weaves/wigs. This is recommended for clients who have severe hair loss, balding or clients who want to protect their natural hair while growing out a relaxer.

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